About LCC

About us

Local Council Consultancy (LCC) was launched in late 2018 by the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC) as an additional capability to the advisory and membership services. With the aim to be the first-choice provider for locum and consultancy services in the local council sector, LCC provide a value for money, sector specific consultancy and locum service.

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LCC operate on a unique ‘profit-for purpose’ basis, reinvesting all surpluses to further the development of professional clerks and, through them, the development of the whole sector.

What are the aims of LCC?

LCC aims to deliver bespoke solutions within local councils by improving, informing, and investing in the sector through a value for money and ‘profit for purpose’ philosophy. We will do this by:

  • Improving the sector:
    – Providing high quality, professional locums for short-medium- or long-term assignments
    – Identifying needs and delivering solutions within the sector through a network of knowledgeable, qualified associates and locums


  • Informing change, growth, and development:
    – Offering bespoke solutions to issues faced by clerks and councils
    – Imparting knowledge and ‘know how’
    – Improving processes and procedures


  • Investing in education and learning:
    – Passing available profits to the SLCC Educational Trust to enable clerks to access education

What can LCC offer?

  • Strong connections and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by clerks and councils
  • The support and expertise of the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC)
  • Experienced and qualified associates and locums to work with you, with expertise gained at councils of all sizes
  • Competitive rates with tailored fees helping you to maximise your budget
  • No initial deposit required at the commencement of a locum placement. Pay for the actual hours of support provided once the timesheet has been approved
  • Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA) qualified locums with access to the SLCC advice lines, providing additional support and benefits to you
  • No agency fee charged if a locum is appointed to the permanent position*
  • An honest approach – we will help if we can but will tell you if we can’t
    * dependent on being in placement for minimum of 12 weeks

The Team

The LCC team are supported by our dynamic, experienced, and knowledgeable associates and locums. Grounded in core public service values with careers in the local council sector, they can deliver bespoke solutions to your needs.
To find out more, contact our dedicated LCC team who are happy to talk to you to discuss your needs. Providing a professional, responsive, and friendly service, the LCC team are: