Governance reviews are essential for promoting accountability, transparency, compliance, efficiency, and effectiveness within councils. They provide valuable insights and recommendations for improving governance practices and ensuring the councils long-term success.

LCC Associates possess expertise in conducting Governance Reviews and can provide councils with various levels of support. Our services are structured around the following modules.

Module 1 – High Level Governance Check

This module includes a review of:

  • compliance with Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Code of Conduct;
  • agendas and minutes;
  • the preparation and monitoring of budgets and financial procedures;
  • scheme of delegation and committee/working group terms of reference;
  • risk management arrangements;
  • compliance with Transparency Code requirements.

Module 2 – Review of Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Code of Conduct

Each review will result in a fully updated document.

Module 3 – Review of Policies and Procedures

Review of an unlimited number of policies and procedures (non HR-related) which will result in fully updated policies and procedures.

Module 4 – Review of Compliance with Employment Law and HR Policies

This module comprises:

  • A review of the Council’s compliance with Employment law and HR-related policies;
  • Compliance with employment law/best practice will be checked (this will include whether contracts of employment are in place, payroll procedure, pay slips, operation of a workplace pension scheme, appraisal scheme, the implementation of policies);
    The review will result in a set of fully updated HR policies and a report to the Council on compliance with any recommendations for improvements.

Module 5 – Review of Financial Management

  • a high-level review of compliance with Financial Regulations and underlying legislation.
  • a test of financial procedures.

Resulting in a report to the council with recommendations for improvements/updated documents.

Module 6 – Review of Effectiveness of Governance Arrangements

This modules provides a review of:

  • Effectiveness of governance/committee structure;
  • Committee/working group terms of reference;
  • Scheme of delegation.

Resulting in a report to the Council with recommendations for improvements.

Module 7 – Review of Risk Management Arrangements


  • Asset register;
  • Risk management strategy;
  • Risk register;
  • Risk assessments;
  • Health and safety arrangements;
  • Emergency planning;
  • Business continuity arrangements;
  • Insurance

Module 8 – Review of Transparency Code Requirements

To include:

  • Review of published information;
  • Review of publication scheme;
  • Website accessibility